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Our daughters story .....


Death of our 13 month old daughter "Taylor"

I lived every parentís nightmare of losing a child and this is especially difficult because our child should be alive today, but because of medical errors, she is not.

I went to Washington because I believe The McConnel Amendment is unfair to victims and their families.

Here are the reasons why and you judge for yourself:

1)When our 13 month old daughter was brought into the emergency room we were told that the shunt which was placed in her head at birth was in failure, her condition was "emergent", and that she required immediate surgery. We were then told that since the "OR" was too busy and due to the late hour and on the weekend, she was being bumped from surgery that evening and would have to wait until the next morning for surgery ( but she did not make it until the morning).

2)Given her clinical presentations at that time, it was grossly negligent not to have done the surgery immediately.

3)To further compound the problem, she was not even placed in an intensive care unit, nor was she properly monitored while she awaited surgery.

4)My daughter was showing all of the signs of fatal intracranial pressure which was totally ignored by the nursing staff and the attending resident neurosurgeon who failed to even check on my daughter at all after she was placed in the room.

5)Prior to being placed in her room the resident neurosurgeon working that evening at the hospital paged the attending neurosurgeon who was suppose to do the surgery and was on call that evening, however, the attending neurosurgeon put his pager on vibrate and went to sleep and never came in and did not answer the numerous pages, despite the fact he had previously given an order to the attending resident neurosurgeon to tap the shunt, which the resident neurosurgeon did do, but the shunt was dry and no fluid was obtained, which was a dangerous condition.

6)After tapping the shunt, the resident neurosurgeon repeatedly paged the attending neurosurgeon to let him know that the shunt could not be tapped, but as previously noted, the attending neurosurgeon had gone into the supermarket to do his shopping, and then he says he put his pager on vibrate as he went into the supermarket, and then went home and fell asleep never answering any of the pages from the resident neurosurgeon and never even bothering to inquire as to the results of the shunt tap or my daughter's condition.

7)The resident neurosurgeon in question who rendered care to my daughter that evening had a limited medical license, which had expired at the time he rendered such care, yet he was left in charge to call the shots.

8)The resident neurosurgeon also ordered blood tests which were taken that evening, which showed that my daughter had critical carbon dioxide levels, as well as abnormal potassium and sodium levels, but nobody, including the resident neurosurgeon, even bothered to inquired,acknowledged or address these abnormal results.

9)Although ICU monitoring was needed my daughter was not placed in and intensive care unit.

10)No doctor ever examined my daughter from the time she was admitted to the time she went into respiratory arrest. (12:20 am to 6:20 am)

11) The hospital could have done a bedside procedure to relieve the pressure on my daughterís brain but did not even attempt.

This is why I'm fighting for patients rights and to prevent this senseless tragedy to happen to another child or family.

I can be contacted at patientsrights2000@yahoo.com

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